Quality assurance of ICA suppliers

ICA requires its private label food suppliers to be third-party certified to a product safety standard approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). These standards cover food safety management systems, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices.

The objective of the Group is that 80% of all suppliers of its corporate brand products should be third-party certified to GFSI. The result for 2013 was 59% (57%). During the year, the supplierbase has increased, resulting in an increased work to ensure that updated certificates are registered in ICA's monitoring system. Concerning fruit and vegetables, ICA also has local suppliers who use a third-party standard not approved by GFSI, this has effect on the overall outcome against the target. The percentage for food-only suppliers (not including fruit and vegetables) for 2013 is 80% (76). The focus is now on obtaining new certificates and establishing a more structured way for management teams to monitor key indicators.

Starting from 2014 ICA will also accept local standards as a quality standard for local suppliers of corporate brands (in addition to GFSI-approved standards). This will allow small suppliers to safely supply products direct to the stores. This system promotes local production and facilitates the stores’ local adaptation.

Suppliers of corporate brand cosmetics and hygiene products are required to be certified to BRC Global Standard Consumer Products (BRC CP) or an equivalent standard. For other corporate brand non-food suppliers, the goal is to be certified to BRC CP, ISO 9001 or an equivalent standard.