Quality assurance of ICA distribution

High product quality is maintained throughout the supply chain all the way to the stores, through self-assessments and product safety work. This includes a fully implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan, which is required by law and describes how the Group maps, evaluates and inspects food risks.

Since 2012 the Swedish logistics operations have been quality certified to the international standard BRC Storage and Distribution (BRC S&D). In 2013 the distribution center in Skårer was first out of ICA Norway's distribution centers to go through the same certification. BRC S&D is a quality standard for retailers that covers product safety, quality and compliance. Certification makes an important contribution to ICA’s quality work and is proof of thorough, well-functioning quality assurance.

The logistics function in Sweden continues to improve its operations by working in a structured way on various improvements. One of the methods used is 5S, an acronym that in Swedish stands for sort, structure, clean, standardize and create a habit. The aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of the work and create benchmarks for further improvements. The rollout of 5S began in 2011, and during 2013 5S was systematically used to ensure high-performing, stable operations.