Customer surveys

ICA works systematically with both internal and external customer surveys to communicate with consumers and hear what they think about ICA and ICA’s products, including the Swedish Quality Index (SKI) for the Swedish retail industry.

Every two years a customer survey is carried out on sustainability issues in the retail trade in ICA’s five markets. The most recent survey was carried out during the first half of 2013 and showed that high morals and ethics, transparency and honesty are important in every country where ICA operates. Food safety and local products are also key in most countries. The survey also showed that in general customers give ICA high marks for ethics and honesty, but ICA also found out what customers feel the Group can improve. For example, ICA can become stronger within sustainable fishing and food additives.

The rating in the latest SKI (2013) fell slightly from the previous year, ICA in Sweden has lost the top position in the grocery retail sector and recieved a score of 73.6 (74.5). Overall, ICA's result is above the industry average, which is 72.5 (73.3). In generall, customers feel the various grocery stores are comparable. The differences that exist is in the perceived product quality. Unlike last year, their loyalty to their grocery store is high. That is a sign that customers largely do very conscious choices.

ICA Bank was named Sweden’s best private bank in SKI 2013’s survey of customer satisfaction among banks. This is the third consecutive year that ICA Bank has been ranked in top place by SKI.

In ICA’s own Customer Satisfaction Index, which is conducted every year, the results in Sweden have shown good customer ratings for a number of years and each profile stands strong against its market segment (hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores). In this year’s poll, customer satisfaction for ICA was at the same level as in 2012 at 78 (78). The market leader is City Gross, which has only one format and has a score of 81.

ICA's Call Centres is there to maintain contact with customers, stores and suppliers. In 2013 the department received more than 108,500 (107,000) calls and e-mails from customers in Sweden and Norway. The questions mainly concerned ICA products, specifically nutritional information, ingredients, packaging and origin, and ICA’s different customer media, including and the shopping app ICA Handla.

Customer contacts via ICA Call Centres in Sweden and Norway, number
  2013 2012 2011
E-mail 55,798 53,337 43,834
Telephone calls 52,815 53,803 51,470