Interest in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle is expected to continue and ICA is keen to inspire its customers to make healthy choices. ICA is continuing its efforts to offer products for people with allergies.

Among other things, ICA carried out a year-long campaign in 2013 to encourage customers to eat more fruits and vegetables, and maintained its focus on inspiring children and young people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. ICA’s work in this area is based on the Nordic nutritional recommendations. In 2013 new nutrition recommendations (NNR5) was presented, these go well in line with ICA's long-term message to inspire customers to more healthy and climate-friendly choices. ICA Sweden has gone through the product range to identify the products included in the desirable dietary pattern, this work will be the basis for next year's efforts.

ICA’s responsibilities


Helping customers to feel good and inspiring them to make healthy choices is an important role played by ICA. It also helps to develop the product range and opens up new business. Through products that address issues concerning additives, diets, allergies and lifestyles, ICA can spread information and inspire customers to make conscious choices on a daily basis. This work is based on official Nordic dietary advice and nutritional recommendations. For years, ICA has been providing healthy tips through recipes, customer magazines, websites and stores – based on customers’ needs.

ICA guides people towards healthy and sustainable choices

In 2013 ICA Sweden invested substantially in helping its customers to choose healthy options. The “Take a green year with ICA” campaign was launched, aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. As part of the campaign, the random recipe generator at only offered recipes containing at least 30% vegetables. Recipe folders and the customer magazine Buffé likewise highlighted recipes with a high proportion of fruits and vegetables. Great customer offers also focused on fruits and vegetables.

A further part of the initiative was to highlight even more organic options. During the year central sales of organic fruits and vegetables in ICA stores in Sweden increased by 27% compared with the same period the previous year.

Although all consumption of fruits and vegetables is a good thing, it remains important for ICA to offer its customers organic produce because this also contributes to biodiversity and reduces environment impact. Organic bulk fruits and vegetables are one example of how ICA is working to offer good prices by removing unnecessary packaging.

ICA’s expansion of its range of organic fruits and vegetables is also helping suppliers to adapt their businesses. Thus ICA’s largest supplier of lemons in Spain is now in the process of switching from conventional to organic production, simply to cope with the annual volume that ICA requires.