ICA's world of suppliers

ICA does business around the world. This means that the Group’s responsibilities also extend across borders. Below is a list of where in the world ICA is active in the sourcing and production of its corporate brand products.

Number of production sites for corporate brand products

The number of production units is not static; it depends on the product range in the stores and on seasonal variations. In recent years, great efforts have been devoted to identifying the production sites where ICA’s corporate brand products are produced.

ICA’s home markets

Most of ICA’s products – such as dairy products, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables and root vegetables – are bought from ICA’s closest markets, as are items such as garden furniture, wet wipes, charcoal and disposable products.

Production units: around 480.

Rest of Europe

In Europe the focus is on foods such as biscuits, chopped tomatoes, French fries and pasta. ICA also buys products for the home and personal care, such as laundry detergents, toothpaste, frying pans, candles and household cleaners.

Production units: around 1,000.


Rice, tinned vegetables and noodles are typical examples of products bought from Asia. ICA also buys textiles such as clothes, towels and sheets, and household utensils, toys and office products from Asia.

Production units: around 800.

South and Central America

ICA’s private label coffee and bananas are examples of products bought from South and Central America. Other examples of products are dried fruits and vegetables such as broccoli.

Production units: around 160.


From African suppliers ICA mainly buys fruits and vegetables, for example mangos, kiwis and grapes, avocados and tomatoes. ICA also buys other products such as roses from Africa.

Production units: around 110.

North America

ICA also buys some products from North America; popcorn and almonds are two examples.

Production units: around 10.

Australia & Pacific Rim

ICA buys produce such as lamb, onions, kiwi fruit, and apple varieties such as Royal Gala and Jazz from New Zealand and Australia. Another example is wool.

Production units: around 10.

Percentage of socially audited corporate brand suppliers
  2013 2012 2011
ICA 77 74 67