ICA works in a structured way to reduce the Group’s environmental impact from stores, warehouses and the product range. An important task is to make sustainable choices easier for the customers.

In 2013 work on the introduction of an environmental management system in ICA’s business continued, including certification of the Asian sourcing operations to ISO 14001. The Swedish sourcing operations have been certified to the same standard since 2012, logistics since 1998 and the real estate operations since 1999. At store level, ICA works with the Nordic Swan eco-label and the own environmental support ICA Retailers for the Environment, which was launched in Sweden during the year.

A pilot project to reduce the environmental impact from the production of ICA’s corporate brand products has been started with suppliers in China.

ICA’s responsibilities


ICA’s environmental work is closely tied to its entire business. The business is dependent on the planet to produce food in the future, and at the same time every part of the Group's operations impacts the environment. Environmental issues are integrated into day-to-day work in stores, logistics and offices. There is a major focus on improved energy efficiency and on minimising waste throughout the chain. ICA is working in a number of ways to protect biodiversity and further expand the proportion of organic and eco-labelled products. In addition, ICA encourages its customers to reduce their own environmental impact in various ways. The overall goal is to reduce ICA's climate impact by 30% by 2020.

ICA’s energy and material balance

Reducing environmental impacts from ICA’s operations is an important and overarching goal. This illustration shows ICA’s energy and material balance, i.e. the resources consumed by the Group’s operations and what is left behind. Raw materials used in production and waste generated by households are excluded.

What ICA uses


Total energy consumption in warehouses and stores:
1,475,714 MWh


Goods transports

Total fuel consumption from goods transports:
36,799 thousand litres


What ICA emits


Total carbon dioxide emissions:
276,815 tonnes



Total waste volume:
82,189 tonnes