Surplus food

ICA works with charity organisations in all its markets to donate food in various ways. ICA Sweden has a central agreement with the Salvation Army and several local partnerships with charities to donate food from ICA’s warehouses that cannot be sold in stores because it is short dated or because of damaged packaging, even though the food itself is fully edible. These products meet the same basic food safety requirements as ICA’s other products. Food that has passed its best before date is never donated.

ICA Norway is a member of Matsentralen, which collects surplus food from retail stores and other operators. Matsentralen was set up in 2013 and provides around 100,000 meals a month to more than 10,000 people. ICA Norway also continued its partnership with Fattighuset, contributing throughout the year to the food it hands out to needy families twice a week.

In the Baltic region Rimi continued its partnership with FoodBank, which distributes food to those in need. This partnership has been ongoing for many years. During a quarter Rimi customers and employees in Lithuania donated around 33,000 food products via collecting boxes in Rimi stores. The partnership with FoodBank also continued in Estonia, including a campaign in the stores. For every three selected products that customers bought, Rimi Baltic in Estonia donated one additional product. As a result, sales of the selected products – which included pasta, tinned goods and soup – grew by 40% during the campaign. Along with Save the Children and the Lithuanian chocolate manufacturer Rūta, Rimi Baltic in Lithuania also produced a special chocolate bar. This is being sold exclusively in Rimi stores and 5% of the proceeds go to a day centre for children from poor and socially disadvantaged families.

Rimi Baltic’s hypermarkets in Lithuania and Estonia have set up boxes where customers can donate products to families in need.