How ICA shares its profits

In 2013 ICA was involved in a number of successful activities and campaigns together with NGOs.

ICA Sweden has been the principal partner of the World Childhood Foundation since 2003, raising funds for Childhood’s projects. In this year’s Christmas campaign ICA donated part of the proceeds from sales of ICA oranges and clementines, a unique floral bouquet and a Childhood plastic bag. ICA also had a campaign on Instagram in which ICA donated SEK 50 to Childhood for every picture tagged with #icapussen. Customers could also make a donation when self-scanning, directly at store checkouts, through a donation button at or using a payment slip in the customer magazine Buffé. This year’s campaign raised SEK 7.5 (8.6) million.

For the eleventh consecutive year ICA Sweden was the main sponsor for the Pink Ribbon campaign, which raises funds for Swedish cancer research. The aim is to increase awareness of the link between good health, good habits and daily exercise in preventing breast cancer. In 2013 the Pink Ribbon campaign raised SEK 16 (11) million. The Pink Ribbon and other campaign products were sold in ICA stores and customers donated using a payment slip in the customer magazine or by making a donation when self-scanning. Eleven different private label products were sold for the benefit of the Pink Ribbon, the focus being on fruits and vegetables, including carrots and blueberries, complemented by a floral bouquet.

Swedish ICA customers contributed a record SEK 6.4 million to the work of the Red Cross by donating the deposits from their recyclable packaging. This was an increase of  SEK 600,000 from SEK 5.8 million 2012. Today over 650 ICA stores are taking part in the scheme.

When the Philippines disaster occurred in the autumn, ICA Sweden made an appeal via its digital channels for customers to donate via the Red Cross.

Charitable donations, SEK million
ICA Sweden  2013 2012 2011
Donations from ICA Sweden 8.2 7.8 11
Donations from customers, suppliers and employees through ICA Sweden 26.6 24 16