Engagement in society's decision-making

ICA works in partnership with organisations and participates in networks focusing on social responsibility, the environment, health and food quality.

ICA signed the UN Global Compact in 2004 and Caring for Climate in 2007. ICA has also pledged to follow the European Consumer Goods Forum’s sustainability programme. ICA supports and follows the OECD’s guidelines for multinational enterprises, the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) Business Charter for Sustainable Development and the ICC’s anti-corruption and anti-bribery principles.

ICA Sweden’s SVP Corporate Responsibility is ICA’s representative in the UN Global Compact, including its Nordic network. ICA Sweden’s SVP Corporate Responsibility is also ICA’s representative in Globalt Ansvar, working on issues related to corporate social responsibility. The project falls under the unit for international trade policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The minister responsible is Minister for Trade Ewa Björling.

ICA Sweden’s SVP Corporate Responsibility is a member of the Monitoring Board of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

ICA Sweden’s head of environmental and social responsibility has been a board member of SVN Sweden since 2011. SVN is an international network of companies and organisations looking to combine business benefits with a greater focus on social responsibility, business ethics and environmental work.

ICA Sweden and ICA Norway participate in a network organised by the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce to strengthen relationships between Scandinavia and the Balkan region.

ICA Norway participates in a sustainability network organised by Hovedorganisasjonen Virke, the Enterprise Federation of Norway (formerly known as Handels- og Servicenæringens Hovedorganisasjon), where experience in the area is shared with others in the retail community. In Sweden a similar organisation, Svensk Dagligvaruhandel (the Swedish Grocery Trade Federation), works to protect the interests of consumers.

Since 2001 ICA Norway has been a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH), a forum for ethical trade and other challenges in global supply chains.

Rimi Baltic in Lithuania is a permanent member of Baltoji Banga (The White Wave), which promotes transparency in Lithuanian business.

Rimi Baltic in Latvia is one of the founders of the Latvian Food Retailers’ Association, which was established in 2010.

ICA Bank has joined together with ECPAT, other financial institutions and the police to stop online child pornography. ECPAT is a global network of organizations working to eliminate child prostitution, pornography and trafficking.

ICA is an active partner in “Arena for Growth,” a public-private partnership to promote local and regional growth through collaboration and growth-promoting processes.