Dialogue partners

ICA cooperates with a number of organisations and participates in various networks focused on corporate social responsibility. Maintaining a continuous dialogue with consumer and environmental organisations, trade organisations, sports clubs and other interest groups is an important part of ICA’s sustainability work and enables ICA to compare and improve the way it works and thus promote positive development. The aim is to use various methods to structure the dialogue.

In addition to trade organizations in each market, among ICA’s most important dialogue partners are:

Global Compact: The UN initiative to promote corporate citizenship internationally, ICA is a participant. ICA has also signed the Global Compact’s Caring for Climate initiative. In addition, ICA is a member of a Swedish government consultation group Globalt Ansvar, overseen by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to encourage Swedish companies to be ambassadors for human rights, fair labour practices and a better environment. The companies are also encouraged to introduce anti-corruption practices in accordance with the principles of the Global Compact.

Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP): International alliance seeking to build consensus on best practices for labour standards in consumer goods supply chains. The programme is run by the Consumer Goods Forum, which is a principal partner of ICA.

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI): Alliance between a number of the world’s leading experts on food safety – retailers, manufacturers, food service companies and service suppliers in the food industry. Coordinated by the Consumer Goods Forum.

Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH): A forum for ethical trade and other challenges in global supply chains. ICA Norway has been a member of the IEH since 2001.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI): European platform for companies to improve working conditions at consumer goods suppliers in high-risk countries.

WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature): ICA has worked with the environmental and nature conservation organisation WWF for a number of years on many different issues, including sustainable fishing, palm oil and free range meats.

Swedish Coeliac Society and Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association: Annual campaigns at the Swedish ICA Maxi and ICA Kvantum stores offer the local organisations a platform to highlight the problem of allergies. At the same time, consumers get hands-on assistance with food allergy issues in the stores.

Public Health Agency of Sweden (former Swedish National Institute of Public Health): ICA cooperates since a number of years on a project called “A healthier Sweden” to draw attention to the importance of a proper diet and exercise.

Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and Svenskt Sigill: ICA Sweden and LRF have cooperated for many years to meet the increased demand for foods made from Swedish ingredients. ICA also works to assure Swedish producers through the standards issued by Svenskt Sigill.

In-Depth Cooperation Programme: In 2012 Rimi was the first retailer in Latvia to become a member of the Ministry of Finance’s In-Depth Cooperation Programme for tax-paying companies. Membership requires the company to meet a number of criteria in areas such as ethics and transparency, but in return reduces administration and simplifies communication with the tax authorities.