Activities aimed at children

At the end of January the charity project “Angels over Latvia”, a partnership between Rimi, Swedbank, the television channel LNT and, was brought to a close. “Angels over Latvia” carries out various fundraising activities, including in Rimi stores, to pay for care for children suffering from congenital illnesses or who have been injured in accidents. In total, more than SEK 1 million was raised via Rimi stores.

During the year Rimi Baltic in Latvia, along with the organisation, raised more than SEK 230,000 for the “Stabins” charity project, which helps local associations and foundations organise leisure activities for schoolchildren from poorer families. This gives the children an opportunity to do something meaningful – such as sport, music or art – at the end of the school day.

Rimi Baltic in Latvia also supports a regular fundraising campaign for a children’s hospital treating children suffering from cancer and raised more than SEK 250,000 over the year. Another campaign that Rimi supports is “The Goodness Day”, which helps seriously ill children. During the year Rimi customers donated more than SEK 47,000, the project’s largest donation to date.

Rimi Baltic in Estonia, along with partners such as the Red Cross in Tallinn, took part in a fundraising campaign to help children from low income families get rucksacks and essential school supplies. A total of 324 children were given new school supplies.