About the Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is a way to communicate the work ICA Gruppen is doing on sustainability with the communities around it and how this work is developing.

Basis of the report

ICA Gruppen’s Sustainability Report follows the latest version of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) guidelines (G4). It covers all significant principles in the UN Global Compact and describes sustainability issues of interest to our stakeholders.

The Group will continue to refine the report in line with the GRI’s guidelines, ICA’s Good Business values and the UN Global Compact. ICA Gruppen’s GRI report for 2013 has been reviewed by a third party and is in accordance with the Core level according to GRI.

ICA’s Sustainability Report describes the Group’s work on economic development, the environment, ethical trading, quality, health, employees and community engagement. ICA has published an annual environmental and corporate responsibility report since 1995. Since 2004 ICA has reported in accordance with the GRI reporting standard. As of 2008 the Sustainability Report has been reviewed by a third party, following a decision by the Executive Team. The report follows ICA Gruppen’s financial year, and as such covers the period 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013. The previous report was published in March 2013 (ICA AB).

Information and performance indicators in this report have been selected based on the sustainability aspects deemed to be relevant to ICA’s operations. Opinions expressed by the Group’s stakeholders are taken into consideration when defining the key issues in sustainability work, in order to make continuous improvements. Using the GRI’s Guidance on Defining Report Content, a materiality analysis has been carried out, based in part on the demands and expectations of stakeholders. The materiality analysis was defined for the first time in 2008 and is revised each year.


Hakon Invest acquired Ahold’s shares in ICA AB in spring 2013 and changed its name to ICA Gruppen on 20 May. The report covers all companies within ICA Gruppen, except the portfolio companies.

The report mainly comprises operations that have a significant, direct impact from a sustainability perspective, i.e. the Group’s own operations. In Sweden ICA collaborates with around 1,300 independent ICA retailers through agreements. Information on these is presented when relevant to the overview of ICA’s sustainability work, e.g.:

  • Electricity consumption.
  • Waste collected in connection with deliveries of goods to stores.
  • Sales data from stores.
  • The number of stores that are certified according to the Swedish standard for food handling in stores, are Swan eco-labelled or have introduced ICA Retailers for the Environment.

Operations outside ICA’s direct control, such as suppliers and customers, are not included in the report. Information on suppliers of ICA’s private labels is included in the report where appropriate.

Kerstin Lindvall
SVP Corporate Responsibility
ICA Sverige AB
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