Sustainability report

Comment from SVP CR

ICA has been working for years with sustainability issues, and our work rests on strong shared values and a belief that every link in the chain is important, from supplier to employee and customer.

Our corporate strategy is based on six long-term strategic themes, which together provide a foundation for all of ICA Gruppen’s operations. One of these themes is excelling in corporate responsibility. This is to be reflected in everything we do.

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Leading the way in sustainability

ICA aims to excel in corporate responsibility. ICA’s sustainability work is based on the three key words transparency, credibility and traceability, and on ICA’s seven Good Business position statements.

Responsibility from field to fork

ICA is very aware that it has a responsibility from field to fork. Sustainability work is a strategic priority and is integrated into all of the Group’s operations. This builds confidence in the company in its communities and contributes to long-term profitability.

GRI Index

ICA Gruppen’s Sustainability Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative’s guidelines, GRI G4. The report covers all companies in ICA Gruppen, except the portfolio companies.


ICA works in a structured way to reduce the Group’s environmental impact from stores, warehouses and the product range. An important task is to make sustainable choices easier for the customers.


ICA’s quality work is based on clear routines to achieve traceability and control in respect of the product range and the handling of Products.

Ethical trade

ICA demands acceptable production conditions; ensuring that these are met remains an important task. ICA has a long tradition of demanding compliance with human rights standards in the production of its products.


ICA is keen to inspire its customers to make healthy choices. Interest in healthy food with fewer additives and less salt and sugar is expected to continue, and ICA is continuing its work to offer customers healthy products.

Community engagement

ICA’s responsibilities as a member of society include everything from supporting locally produced food through employing people with disabilities in the Group’s operations to various sponsorship activities.

Sustainability awards

In 2013 ICA has won several awards in the field of sustainability, including Sustainable Brand Index, the Pegasus Prize and the Coeliac Youth Society award.