Cervera is one of Sweden’s leading chains selling a selection of high quality and design products for preparing and serving food and for decoration. At the end of the year the chain consisted of 73 stores, of which 55 were wholly-owned stores and 18 were franchise stores. There are also two stores operated under the brand NK Glas Porslin & Kök.

The home design market is characterised by increasing competition, especially from discount players. As part of the drive to be more competitive, Cervera implemented a major project during the year to improve uniformity and coordination between the stores and to achieve a more efficient value chain. Sourcing, product range and supply chain operations have been centralised to a greater extent. Alongside these initiatives was an emphasis on continuing to more clearly define and improve the customer offering.

Cervera’s sales and income are subject to great seasonal variations, with a large percentage of revenues generated in connection with Christmas shopping. In 2013 an important focus was finding ways to reduce seasonal variations and increase the number of customers in stores at times other than during the traditional high season around Christmas.