Store profiles

Rimi Hypermarket offers everything under one roof at fair prices. A broad range of competitively priced foods, combined with non-foods such as housewares and sporting goods. Three formats: large, compact and small.
Number of items per store: 30,000–45,000.
Rimi Supermarket stores offer a broad range of inspiring foods with a focus on fresh foods and good service for everyday needs. Located close to customers’ homes and workplaces.
Number of items per store: 12,000–18,000. The smaller supermarket stores operate under the name MiniRimi and offer 6,000–8,000 items per store.
Supernetto/Säästumarket stores are discount stores in Latvia. A sharp price profile and a good selection of everyday items. Säästumarket is a similar type of discount store in Estonia.
Number of items per store: around 2,500.