In 2014 ICA Sweden will continue to focus on the strategic priorities that were established for the Group and ICA Sweden. These include firmly establishing and further strengthening the Group’s market-leading position, with a particular focus on big cities. This will be manifested in new store openings, upgrading the existing store network and continuing to offer value for money and develop the range. At the same time, the individual stores will adapt their offerings locally to provide their customers with the best possible service.

ICA has high ambitions to inspire people to enjoy delicious meals and fresh seasonal ingredients, and also wants to make it easier for customers to make healthy choices. Fruits and vegetables and recipe services play an important role, alongside initiatives to improve wellbeing by sponsoring fitness activities for customers and employees. In 2014 the focus will be on supporting customers in making sustainable choices through better labelling and information.

In addition to grocery store expansion, there will be continued expansion in the pharmacy segment. There are plans for around ten new Cura pharmacies around the country; all of them inside or adjacent to ICA stores.

The activities with the highest priority include continuing to invest in private label products and fresh foods. The goal is to increase the proportion of private label products by one percentage point per year. This will be achieved by aggressively investing in innovation in cooperation with the ICA retailers and working further on improving the price and product range experience for customers.

There will also be a considerable emphasis on developing customer loyalty programmes to improve the added value they create for customers. Marketing in digital channels will simplify things for customers at home and make store visits easier through services such as self-scanning using a mobile device, offerings through QR codes and developing ica.se.

In 2014 there will be an emphasis on preparations for the first launch of ICA’s Group-wide online sales offered in cooperation with the stores. The goal is to increase accessibility and convenience for the customers and be a leading online sales player over time. The launch will start in autumn 2014.