A major focus in 2014 will be continuing to implement measures in line with ICA Gruppen’s Group-wide strategy. The most important among them include increasing store sales and securing the company’s positions in strategic marketplaces both in Sweden and Norway. This may involve developing marketplaces already owned by ICA Gruppen and entirely new areas, or acquiring properties that house existing ICA stores.

To support ICA Sweden’s expansion strategy of increasing the number of stores in big cities, ICA Real Estate may take on projects that involve developing whole areas of land close to big cities. This will involve working with retailers, the authorities, municipalities and other partners to secure attractive and functional locations that will help to secure stable customer flows.

ICA Real Estate will continue to support ICA Norway in its efforts to increase store sales and create more attractive marketplaces. ICA Real Estate will also continue to develop the existing property portfolio.

Ancore Fastigheter’s strategy is to continue to grow through acquisitions from both ICA Real Estate Sweden and from external property owners.

The warehouse expansion in Helsingborg through Långeberga Logistik will be complete in 2015. In total, Långeberga Logistik will invest just over SEK 600 million in the reconstruction and extension of the warehouse in Helsingborg.

ICA Real Estate intends to further develop its service offering in the future. The organisation today possesses considerable knowledge in key areas of real estate operations, e.g. rental agreements, renovation projects and energy efficiency. The ambition going forward is to better package this knowledge in order to create a more clearly defined offering for both internal and external customers. These efforts will be intensified in 2014.