ICA Norway

Continuing focus on change

2013 was another weak year for ICA Norway. The main focus during the year was on improving efficiency within the organisation while increasing sales and customer traffic to the stores. Key aspects in this work have included implementing a new management model and continuing to adapt the store network, range of products and marketing communication. Another important aspect in 2013 was the planned cooperation agreement with Norgesgruppen and the Norwegian Competition Authority’s decision to suspend the agreement.

ICA Norway operates a grocery retail business in Norway under the store profiles ICA Supermarked, Rimi and Matkroken. Around 60% of ICA Norway’s stores are wholly owned and 40% are franchises. At the end of 2013 there were 318 Rimi stores, 76 ICA Supermarked stores and 177 Matkroken stores.

"The distribution centre in Skårer was certified in 2013 to BRC S&D, a global quality standard for retailers."

Weak sales and income growth

Net sales in 2013 amounted to SEK 16,463 million (19,050). The reduction compared to the previous year is largely due to the divestment of the Maxi stores and the closure of a number of unprofitable stores. Comparable stores also had weak sales in 2013.

Operating income excluding non-recurring items amounted to SEK -691 million (-589). Lower sales volumes and a lower gross margin had a negative impact on earnings.

Cost-cutting measures that were initiated the previous year have had an impact in the form of lower administrative expenses.

Key figures    
  2013 2012
Net sales, SEK m 16,463 19,050
Operating income excl. non-recurring items, SEK m –691 –589
Operating margin excl. non-recurring items, % –4.2 –3.1
Private label share of sales, % 9.7 9.6
Number of employees 3,882 4,646