ICA Gruppen's common values

Focus on values

One of the strategic priorities for 2013 was to start working on ICA Gruppen’s Group-wide values. A common approach and a shared view of basic values increases clarity for the customer about who we are and makes ICA Gruppen more attractive to current and future employees. This also makes it easier to take the right decisions, thus improving internal efficiency.

As part of the focus on values, ICA Gruppen created Group-wide values in 2013. This process was carried out at different levels within ICA Gruppen throughout the year. It was based on an analysis of personal values, ICA Gruppen’s existing culture and values and the desired culture and values.

In autumn 2013 three key values were defined: simplicity, entrepreneurship and commitment. The long-term process of implementing the values throughout the Group will begin in 2014.


- we think simply first


Our vision is to make every day a little easier. Choosing to think simply first is important to us at ICA. For us, simplicity is also an approach that involves being clear and honest, and trusting each other, which makes it easier to perform well together. When we allow simplicity to characterise the way in which we work, we can be even more efficient and nimble. This results in the best solutions for the customers and provides us with clarity and speed in our day-to-day work.


- we create opportunities


Here at ICA, we believe in and are driven by the power of entrepreneurship – individually and together. Succeeding in business is about seeing and creating opportunities; it’s about drive, innovation and the desire to take on responsibility. Entrepreneurship also means having the courage to try new things and the desire to constantly improve. This is what enables us to keep developing and improving. When we identify a new need we can meet for our customers, we create new opportunities for our business.


- we make a difference


We are committed to our customers and we develop together. This is how we make a difference. Our commitment can also make a difference in other ways; commitment to our work leads to better results and commitment to each other creates a sense of community. When we believe in each other, we perform at the highest level. We believe in more than providing good food – we are committed to doing good things in the world around us for a sustainable and better world.