Welcome to ICA Gruppens Annual Report

Welcome to

ICA Gruppen’s Annual Report

At ICA Gruppen we understand the importance of maintaining the trust of our customers and stakeholders. This, of course, also applies to the information communicated about us and our operations at a more general level. We see the Annual Report as one of the most important documents in this regard.

Our operations are both easy to understand and complex; easy because so many people have a relationship to us and to what we offer, complex because so many aspects need to interact to create a great customer experience and generate good profitability.

I hope that the Annual Report will help people better understand how we operate. Our aim is to provide a picture that is as comprehensive as possible. We want to go behind the numbers and show what drives us and what we are doing to maintain our success. We want to reflect the dynamics that drive our organisation and make it so exciting.

Per Strömberg,
CEO ICA Gruppen AB


With 2,100 of our own and retailer-owned grocery stores in five geographical markets, ICA Gruppen is one of the leading retail companies in the Nordic region. The core business is grocery retail. The other businesses are ICA Bank, ICA Real Estate and a number of wholly-owned or partly-owned portfolio companies.

Sustainability Report

ICA is very aware that it has a responsibility from field to fork. Sustainability work is a strategic priority and is integrated into all of the Group’s operations. This builds confidence in the company in its communities and contributes to long-term profitability.

Financial information and governance

Operating profit excluding non-recurring items amounted to about SEK 3 billion in 2013.