Proposed appropriation of earnings

The Board of Directors for ICA Gruppen AB proposes an ordinary dividend of SEK 8.00 per ordinary share (0). The total dividend amounts to SEK 951 million (0), which is 16.4% of the Parent Company’s profit. The proposed dividend will reduce the Parent Company’s equity/assets ratio from 56.4% to 53.2%, and the Group’s equity/assets ratio from 38.5% to 37.1%. The equity/assets ratio is adequate for both the long and short term.

According to ICA Gruppen’s dividend policy, 50% of the Group’s profit after tax is to be distributed. With the proposed dividend, 68% of profit, excluding the effect of the acquisition of ICA AB, will be distributed. In the Board’s opinion, the proposed dividend is justifiable taking into account the requirements that the nature and scope of the business, as well as the risks associated with it, place on the Group’s equity and financial position.

The following funds are at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting (SEK):

Share premium reserve 4,915,938,770
Retained earnings 3,173,491,989
Profit for the year 5,781,370,497
Total 13,870,801,256

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer propose that the earnings be distributed as follows:

To the shareholders, a dividend of 951,497,984
To the share premium reserve  4,915,938,770
Carried forward 8,003,364,502
Total 13,870,801,256