Governance for value creation

Corporate governance is about how companies should be operated so as to safeguard primarily the interests of the owners, but also the interest of the customers and employees. The overall goal is to create shareholder value and in this way meet the requirements that the owners have with regard to their invested capital. The main external and internal control instruments for ICA Gruppen (ICA Gruppen or the Company) are the Swedish Companies Act, NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, the Articles of Association adopted by the Annual General Meeting, the rules of procedure for the Board of Directors, the instructions for the three Board committees, the instructions for the CEO including instructions on financial reporting and the policies established by the Board.

ICA Gruppen’s Board of Directors is responsible for corporate governance within the Company and the CEO Per Strömberg is responsible for ensuring that day-to­-day administration of the Company is carried out in accordance with the Board’s guidelines and instructions. In dialogue with the Chairman of the Board, the CEO also compiles an agenda for Board meetings and is responsible for providing the meetings with information documents and material for use as a basis for decisions. The CEO also ensures that Board members receive information on ICA Gruppen’s development so that they can reach well-founded decisions.